38 technological news to start the morning informed of the latest


Christmas week is starting, and the news does not want to lose importance. Here are the most interesting of the weekend.

Social network WhatsApp will give absolute power to group administrators, to the point that they can delete messages they did not write.

Yahoo! Finance chose Worst company of 2021, and you can surely guess who won …

We recommend the 9 Generation iPad Review, Realme Book Laptop, Audio Technica ATH-M50x BT2 Headphones and MSI OPTIX MPG321QRF-QD Monitor. Reports like Apple’s 10 Non-iPhone Giveaways, Unnecessary programs in Windows 11, chargers and types of recharging for electric cars, inexpensive alternatives to the Lidl robot, and more.

Technology news

With the market down, what’s the point of buying: Shiba Inu or Dogecoin? Read the news

WhatsApp will allow group admins to delete any message. Read the news

They pick the worst company of 2021, and the winner didn’t surprise anyone. Read the news

NVIDIA introduces new RTX and MX graphics chips for laptops. Read the news

Vote for the 2021 ComputerHoy Awards: finalists for best desktops. Read the news

Mobile phones

Use any image or video on Android as floating content with this trick. Read the news

Computers and tablets

BusKill, the USB cable that destroys your laptop if it’s unplugged. Read the news

We put the 9th generation Apple iPad through all kinds of tests. Read our analysis and review

Has Windows 11 suddenly gotten slow? This is a Microsoft error and there is a solution. Read the news

How many ways are there to shut down Windows 11? Read the tutorial

Is MSI OPTIX MPG321QRF-QD Monitor Worth It? Read our analysis and review

Are there any differences between JPG and JPEG formats? Read the report

These programs are unnecessary on Windows and it is best to uninstall them. Read the tutorial

How is the realme Book laptop? Consult analysis and opinion

How to use your mobile as a cursor for a computer. Read the tutorial

Best power banks for charging laptop with USB Type C. Read the report

Way of life

These are the best wireless headphones under $ 50 you can buy. Read the news

10 original gifts for tech-savvy family or friends. Consult the list

13 non-iPhone Apple products that are also worth your time. Read the news

Inexpensive alternatives to the Lidl robot that have nothing to envy you. Consult the list

Headphones for video or music editing, Audio Technica ATH-M50x BT2. Read our analysis and review

10 Xiaomi gifts for fans of the Chinese brand in Spain. Read the news

The best Christmas carol playlists on Spotify. Read the report

Mercadona surprises with its inexpensive version of the controversial Healthy Nocilla. Read the news

Guide and advice for buying a bottle warmer. Read the report

Leisure and games

Even Microsoft doesn’t have Xbox consoles – you have to use Dev Kits in a Halo competition. Read the news

Which console to give for Christmas? These are the best options available. Read the report


Citroën presents an electric buggy without a door for a weekend of adventure. Read the news

They create a motorized two-wheeled robot capable of climbing stairs even faster than you. Read the news

Electric car chargers and types of charging: not all charge so quickly. Read the report

Science and culture

Antigen test: how to use them correctly and what to do if it is positive. Read the news

A coincidence reveals a Roman mosaic from two millennia ago that has been used as a coffee table for 50 years. Read the news

These autonomous robots will bring your food order to you while you wait at the airport. Read the news

Scientists are developing a test to find out if your cat is a psychopath, will you dare to check it out? Read the news

Flexible, paper-like, biodegradable batteries are here. Read the news

The curiosities of the day

The Indian sadhu who has been raising his arm for world peace for 48 years. Read the news

Dozens of camels kicked out of beauty pageants in Saudi Arabia because their owners used botox to beautify them. Read the news

It starts with swapping out a bobby pin and ends up getting a house with a garden. Read the news

This was the summary of today’s technological news. Have a good day!


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