A whole day dedicated to digital technology this Wednesday



It is the first of its kind in the region. On Wednesday November 17, the village hall of Aulnoye-Aymeries will turn into a real digital temple. The event is organized by Romain Robiquet, Manager of the Connected Social Centers Project of Val de Sambre and his team. The objective, to show that digital technology is not just administrative procedures And it does not break the social bond as we sometimes hear it, Romain Robiquet. “We want to provide people with entertainment and highlight the many positive aspects of digitization. “

About ten platforms installed in the room

This Wednesday, ten platforms will be installed. The project manager explains that connected stations, used for online actions, will be present. “It is found in all social and cultural centers, Determined. On this day, visitors will be able to carry out administrative procedures (CAF, Social Security, etc.) or see how it works. Animators will be on site to answer all questions. A selfie kiosk will also be installed. In addition, there is a booth full of VR headsets. The public will be able to discover them. “The helmet largely covers the head to ensure complete immersion in a world such as a jungle or travel anywhere. It’s impressive. “

Visitors will be able to produce music using computers provided for this purpose. They will also have the ability to create 3D images. There will be a small supplement. It is a practice where we make drawings with light ”, Romain continues. Then, children will have the opportunity to learn mathematics in a fun way thanks to an interactive video projector.

plastic animation

Visitors will then be able to see how the pens or 3D printers work. Another cool stop is stop motion which involves stitching together images to create a small animated film. For example, participants can use little men or play dough. “By taking pictures of every little movement we can make a fun little animated film”Roman smiles.

giant mural

A drawing workshop will be offered during this day. “And we will collect all the drawings in the evening to make a giant mural.” Several digital shows will be broadcast. Finally, a drone will film the event all day. A film will be edited. “It is an ambitious meeting for all, Romain continues, Young and old. “



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