Anthony Clark Named 10th President and CEO of Gleaner Life Insurance Society


Adrian, MI – Anthony Clark, a 26-year-old insurance executive and former staff member of Gleaner Life Insurance Society, returned as the 10th president and CEO. He started work on August 12 after being selected by the board of directors of the Fraternal Life Insurance Company.

“Gleaner is a great organization,” Clark told employees during his presentation. “I love what you do, I love the members, I love the philanthropic events, all the volunteer hours. Everything you do in this organization connects with people. Clark’s first tenure at Gleaner was from 2008 to 2012, when he was in charge of risk management and product development. He has also worked for the insurance division General Electric Capital, CNA and General Reinsurance (a Berkshire Hathaway company). His experience is in the areas of insurance marketing, overseeing a network of brokers in 50 states, underwriting and strategic planning. At General Reinsurance, the fifth largest reinsurer in the world, he served as Vice President and Chief Underwriting Officer.

Clark succeeds Margaret MS Noe, a member of Gleaner’s board of directors who served as interim president and CEO for four months following the retirement of Kevin Marti. Noe, a retired judge from Michigan, was also the first female CEO in the Company’s 127-year history.

Clark noted that his first experience with Gleaner was at a picnic while he was out with his high school girlfriend. They have been married for 35 years now. The Clarks have two adult sons, the eldest resides in Rome, Italy as a Franciscan and the other in Lansing, Michigan.

Founded in 1894, Gleaner Life Insurance Society is a nationally recognized non-profit fraternal benefit society.

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