AP Exclusive: Polish opposition duo hacked with NSO spyware | Technology



Former MEP Marietje Schaake from the Netherlands, now director of international cyber policy at Stanford University, said: “The EU cannot credibly condemn human rights violations. man in the rest of the world while turning a blind eye to the problems at home.

Polish targets see hacking as evidence of a perilous erosion of democracy in the very nation where Soviet hegemony began to crumble four decades ago.

Just hours before Zaryn responded to the Associated Press’s emailed questions about the hack, a provincial prosecutor filed a motion requesting the arrest of Giertych, the attorney, as part of an investigation into financial crimes.

Zaryn has not commented on whether the two questions could be related. He said Poland only exercises surveillance after obtaining court orders.

“The suggestions that the Polish services use operational methods for political struggle are unwarranted,” Zaryn said.

A spokesperson for NSO said on Monday that the company is a “software vendor, the company does not operate the technology and is unaware of the identities of targets and of the data collected by customers.” . Citizen Lab and Amnesty International researchers say, however, that NSO appears to maintain the infection infrastructure.



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