Axes selects Roman Czubak as Global Chief Technology Officer


Leading digital company providing solutions for the global gaming industry,, announced a high profile hire on Thursday. The company revealed that it has appointed industry veteran Roman Czubak as its global chief technology officer (CTO).

Industry veteran Roman Czubak joins

In his new role at, Czubak will be responsible for strategic processes related to technology and product development. He brings significant experience having held leadership positions within the industry for the past two decades. As a member of, Czubak will leverage his expertise and help the company continue to grow.

Axes redefined the gaming experience from the ground up.

Roman Czubak, CTO at

Sharing his excitement over the recent appointment, Czubak acknowledged that the company has introduced innovative products to the industry. He pointed out that his cloud-based solution stands out for its low cost and security, which makes it attractive for terrestrial operators. Additionally, Czubak said the company’s unique approach of offering operators to pay only for what they need further reaffirms the effectiveness of the solution. Finally, the company’s new CTO said he was excited to join a dedicated team of experts who are on a mission to transform the gaming industry.

Prior to joining, Czubak was part of Novomatic for over 20 years. Besides Novomatic, he was also president of the International Gaming Standards Association.

Czubak helps Axes grow further

Nicolas Tremblay, CIO of, added that Czubak is joining the company at the perfect time. He pointed out that the company has experienced rapid growth in several product areas, which reinforces the need for innovation in the production and development structure. In conclusion, Tremblay said he would be happy to work with Czubak to drive the company’s growth in key areas.

Axes is growing rapidly and requires a structured, process-based approach to software, cloud, and IoT development.

Earle G. Hall, President and CEO of

Earle G. Hall, President and CEO of, added that the company has experienced rapid growth that has created the need for an innovative approach when developing software and other technologies. He said Czubak has significant experience as a proven leader who also understands the needs of Hall emphasized that Czubak’s industry experience will drive the team’s continued growth and enable them to maintain high productivity. “It’s so exciting to have Roman join AXES at such a crucial time and the whole team is thrilled to welcome him,” the company’s CEO and President said in conclusion.


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