Blessed Assurance: Perseverance | Religion


One of the most important lessons in parenting is to allow children to fall (or fail at something) so they can learn to get up on their own. Learning to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again (as the old song goes) is an extremely important life skill that creates self-reliant, resilient people who can persevere when life gets tough.

Too often, in our world today, adults seem to want to protect future generation(s) from the daily challenges of life and from dealing with a very diverse world. Their parenting behaviors seem to say, “Let’s surround our children with like-minded peers in gated communities with people who look and act like them. Then they will never have to encounter anything that creates adversity or challenges their worldview. This is complete nonsense, because we all know that where two or more people come together, there will be five or more opinions!


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