Breakthrough New Covid-19 Solution Discovered Using Novel Nano-Oxygen Technology Approach: New Peer-Reviewed Study Suggests Solving Global Covid Crisis Is Possible


January 24, 2022 – New York – As the need for new covid treatment technologies increases due to the emergence of many new variants, an exciting new technology has emerged that promises hope for each of the disparate variants above. Recently, the US Patent Office granted a second patent for a new nanoplasmoid technology. This new nanotechnology goes beyond the simple nanobubble and creates a charged gaseous torus inside a nanobubble. The results obtained over the last four years, using this new technology, have demonstrated the effectiveness of supercharged drinking water, and new solutions for hypoxia caused by SARS-COV2, including the possibility of a new nutritional approach based on non-drug nano-oxygen, are mentioned in the study cited below.

A recent paper published by the prestigious Journal of the American Chemical Society on Applied Nanomaterials, led by an international coalition of scientists from the Czechoslovakian Advanced Technology Research Institute and the North African Laser Research Center South at the University of Johannesburg, titled Review of Oxygenation With Nanobubbles: Possible Treatment for Hypoxic Malades Covid 19 Their review describes how hypoxia or lack of oxygen has been identified as the active mechanism behind many of the current diseases plaguing our modern culture, from SARS-Co2 to cancer. Most of the research available on nanobubbles clearly demonstrates the ability of oxygen nanobubbles to oxygenate red blood cells using only the circulatory system rather than the pulmonary system. This means that the oxygen goes directly into the blood cells without having to go through the lungs! This is precisely what is needed to save COVID-19 patients from asphyxiation due to lung inflammation. In COVID-19 patients, microcirculation and oxygen diffusion to the alveoli are disrupted. This study clearly explains what we know, with our new oxygen-charged nanoplasmoids, it is possible to bypass the lungs and deliver oxygen directly to the blood and tissues. The research cited above is compelling and reflects our observations in test subjects; see

Five years have passed since the discovery that led to the filing of the patent for the next water revolution, one that paved the way for the future of water technology, going beyond the simple nanobubble . Meanwhile, traditional nanobubble technology has made inroads in industry and has been used to control algae, treat sewage, polish semiconductors as well as restore dead ocean ports. This next leap forward, our nanoplasmoid, or nanobubble filled with a supercharged gas toroid, proved even more exciting.

The first installation was done at an alternative medical hospital in California, the Center for New Medicine. There, patients facing life-and-death situations can soak in nano-oxygen enriched water as part of their healing experience, which has been shown to be soothing, restorative and beneficial: . Plans for a new hydrotherapy and balneotherapy clinic are underway and have been tested in a first-ever hydrotherapy spa capsule, designed to immerse the body in oxygen, hydrogen, ozone or Other Exotic Electron Overcharged Gases:

The next application was to install the technology in the UK’s only 6-star health and beauty spa, Nirvana Spa, Reading, England, which features a Colosseum-themed nano-oxygen filled pool Roman which offers an exciting experience for the lucky ones. enough to soak and bask in the waters:

The technology has also been installed at three bottled drinking water plants, which have begun bottling supercharged nano-oxygenated water in the United States in the mountains of West Virginia from pristine Appalachian aquifers and in the idyllic countryside of southern England where the country is at its most pristine. the sources are located. The result is a new kind of super-charged oxygen bottled water that feels smooth on the palate thanks to the unique springs and relaxed surface tension created by the electron-rich super-charged toroidal gas-filled nanobubbles. This water is marketed by a new company in the United States called Naneau on Early reports show amazing effects and extremely beneficial hydration, including dissipation of symptoms of high altitude sickness for mountain travelers Testing is underway for inclusion in sports recovery drinks, energy drinks, and enhanced CBD water, as well as a plethora of new products never before possible. A new bottled water product is planned for the United States of America this year, called Naneau O2.

Plans for additional new products have been developed and are underway. Advances are expected in the area of ​​organ transplants, IVs for pregnant women, COVID-19, erectile dysfunction, and skin care and therapy, to name a few. The company is actively seeking new licensees and investment to bring these unique products to market quickly.

About the company: is an organization that was created around a central goal of solving the world’s water problems and bringing new technological solutions to a variety of industries that can benefit from this unique technological innovation. They are actively seeking licenses and partners and are open to investment partners who wish to share this unique opportunity.

Reference: Examination of oxygenation with nanobubbles: possible treatment for hypoxic patients with Covid 19

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