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The annual Constitution Essay Competition, sponsored by local attorney Larry Kabrovsky, is always open and accepting applications from middle and high school students and adults (there is especially a need for more entries for high school students and adults).

The competition deadline is April 29.

This year’s essay contest is about Amendment I to the Constitution

“Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of a religion or prohibiting the free exercise; or restricting freedom of speech or of the press; or the right of the people to assemble peacefully and seek redress from the government for their grievances.

The contest focuses on a specific part of Amendment I – What does “the right of people to peacefully assemble” mean to you and its importance to American society?

Contest details

  • Judges will look for a well-written, focused essay that is logical, clear, and eloquent, and stays relentlessly to the point.
  • Please proofread carefully as spelling and grammar are also important.
  • Read all instructions carefully before submitting an essay online.
  • Essays should be double-spaced in Times New Roman 12 point font.
  • Middle school students should not write more than 300 words.
  • Essays for high school students and adults should not exceed 500 words.
  • The teacher with the most students in their class participating in the contest will receive $250.
  • The best essay in each of the three age categories will receive a cash prize: middle school winner – $250, high school winner – $250, adult winner – $500

To view the prompt and submit an essay, to visit


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