Delgaz Grid introduces LST technology to reduce power outages – The Diplomat Bucharest


Delgaz Grid adopts and implements LST technology in the execution of works on the electrical networks, one of the advantages being the fact that there will be no need to interrupt the power supply to customers, as occurs in their execution in the classical system.

The project started in 2018, in 2021 the first instructors for low voltage LST were trained, and this year the training for medium voltage LST is underway. The instructor training courses took place and continue to take place at the distribution company of the E.ON Group in Hungary. Hungarian engineers and electricians have been using LST technology for decades, so they were able to transfer their know-how to their Romanian colleagues.

Last week, at the Delgaz Grid Vocational Training Center in Roman, the first batch of six electricians began preparation for the application of LST technology.

LST technology brings a series of indisputable advantages both for customers, for users of the distribution network, and for the personnel who ensure the operation and maintenance of the distribution infrastructure.

The great advantage of LST is that a series of jobs can be executed without interrupting the voltage, and customers are not affected by interruptions, as it happens in the case of their execution in the classic system.

“We are constantly investing in the modernization and development of the distribution system, in the digitization of networks and processes, but, at the same time, we are keen to identify other ways to improve services. Even though it requires more work and more investment in our equipment, because of the benefits it brings to our customers, live working is worth all the effort,” said Mihaela Cazacu, Deputy General Manager of Delgaz Grid.

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