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Founder and Chief Pastor of Perez Chapel International, Bishop Charles Agyinasare instructed the Ghana Police Service (GPS) to abandon his chosen path to “clean up” the prophetic space in the country.

According to him, such acts are akin to the police services attempt to legislate on prophecies.

Referring to the last statement on prophecy which mentioned that she was analyzing video footage of prophets prophesying “death” during the vigil service on December 31, Bishop Charles Agyinasare expressed his concern about the path the Lord was taking. police department.

Delivering his sermon on Sunday, January 9, 2021, he said if left unchecked the police would start dictating what men of God should preach.

“On January 6, the police sent out a statement… they said the police were analyzing prophecies from different churches. We want to thank God for the police and for protecting us over Christmas.

“It is normal for the police to warn us of prophecies which cause fear and panic, especially those concerning notable personalities. However, police are due to issue a statement on Jan.6 that they analyze prophecies from various churches. … Try to legislate on prophecies, ”he said.

“In the New Testament we see the prophet Agabus warning that there will be a famine in Acts 11: 27-28, the same Agabus in Acts 21: 10-11 takes Paul’s belt and prophesies that the owner of this belt will be stopped and handed over to the good guys.

“As a prophet, God can open my eye to see (that) a church member will die if we don’t pray and if the person is notable, I will have to tell him in secret so as not to create confusion.

“But maybe I should tell him. Paul was on a ship to Rome and he prophesied to them that it was better that they not make the trip because that would create problems. [Acts 27:10]. So Paul prophesied that there would be danger on the journey, ”he added.

He made an unequivocal warning in his subsequent comment asking the police to use their scarce resources for other more important and urgent responsibilities.

“Our weather service sometimes makes predictions with its scientific machines, which causes fear and sometimes the things they say don’t come true.

“So the police administration urged us to be careful of prophecies that will scare… overall on the 31st [night] the church obeys. He shouldn’t use their scarce resources to try to analyze the prophecies. If we are not careful very soon, they will analyze our sermons, tell us what to preach, ”stressed a worried bishop Charles Agyinasare.

The Ghana Police Service, in its latest statement, said it had taken action to determine whether certain video footage it had received from pastors prophesying on December 31, 2021 had the potential to cause fear and panic among members of the public.

According to the statement seen by GhanaWeb, the men of God found guilty of acting in violation of the police department’s warning against prophecies of doom will be taken to court.

“As a result of this initiative, several video footage has been brought to our attention regarding the communication of prophecies on the night of December 31, 2021.

“Police have started analyzing these videos to determine if any of them violate the country’s laws and anyone found guilty will be brought to court,” part of the statement said.

The police department, in a statement ahead of the night shift duty on December 31 last year, issued a stern warning to men of God to renounce prophecies that will cause fear and panic.

Citing the laws of the country, he said that “it is a crime for any person to publish or reproduce any statement, rumor or report which is likely to cause fear and alarm in the public or to disturb public order. , when that person has no evidence to prove that the statement, rumor or report is true.

He also noted that those found guilty of being on the wrong side of this law could face a 5-year jail term.


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