Early medieval art in Spain at the Arts Society Benahavis


EARLY Medieval Art in Spain at the Arts Society Benahavis is the last conference of this season and will take place on Tuesday May 31st.

The guest speaker will be author and educator, Professor Michelle Brown, who will investigate a valuable but lesser-known part of Spanish history.

As readers know from our local site in Baelo Claudia, the Iberian Peninsula was a very important part of the prehistoric and Roman worlds.

Bordered by the Atlantic and the Mediterranean and full of natural resources, it was in great demand and well connected to international communication routes.

Following the collapse of the superpower Rome in the 5th century, parts of the Iberian Peninsula were settled by Vandals and Visigoths, Franks, Jews and Moors as well as Celts.

The architecture, archaeology, artefacts and arts of pre-1200 Spain reflect this rich cultural mix with flavors as varied and full of character as its regional cuisines and landscapes.

The event takes place as usual at Benahavis Town Hall and doors open at 5.30pm for a free glass of wine, with the conference starting at 6.30pm sharp.

Admission is free for members and guests are welcome for an additional €12 per person.

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