Election results reflect American society


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The results reflect the company: As we reminisce about the 2022 election, there are all sorts of reasons for the results. Consider some of the issues: abortion, crime, inflation, economics, oil prices, 2020 election deniers, gerrymandering, gun control, police support, campaign spending, party loyalty, and more. The results were a mix of how voters weighed in on the many issues. A majority of the elected candidates won easily while others had very tight margins. Voting is the voice of democracy!

Voters did well: Hooray for the American voter! Instead of punishing the ruling party for inflated grocery prices, you have chosen the better option of protecting our democracy. Certainly, it is a proud moment in the history of this country.

Fall of the American Empire: Our nation is doomed by the current trend of voting for the murder of unborn children, unprotected borders, high taxes, gasoline shortages, making heroes of sexual immorality and all the other policies that are destroying this country . History repeats itself and we are the Rome of today.

Paying for US products: To the person who bought the refrigerator that broke four times, the conclusion I draw is that you, like many Americans, want quality American-made products at Chinese-made prices. It won’t happen in the United States because we pay a living wage. You could have bought an Amana product made in Iowa, but that would probably cost more.

Powering electric cars: Why do people think electric cars need charging stations where the drivers live? Petrol cars need to be refueled at a gas station, so I think you would just find a charging station for electric cars.

Turn signals help: Please use your turn signals. These are warning signs. Put them on before changing lanes and before braking, before you are already stopped at a traffic light. And if I see your signal, I’ll move over and let you make a right turn on red. We will all be safer.

Fiction is not history: Donald Trump delivered his first presidential campaign speech on Tuesday night and while he was long on recounting his many fictional accomplishments, he was pretty short on the truth. On the one hand, the disgraced ex-president left office with the worst unemployment rate since the Great Depression and his initial diagnosis of COVID as a “hoax” undoubtedly claimed the lives of countless Americans. That said, I liked his costume.

Octogenarian Candidates: So let’s go. Again, maybe two old geezers in their eighties will run for president. I don’t really have a problem with the age of 80, but I was hoping that the combined ages of the contestants would equal 80. Two rocking chairs from Amazon certainly seem appropriate.

Until the grave is embarrassing: Someone wrote about Emmett Till’s movie and encouraged others to see it. Additionally, a statue of him was erected in Mississippi and last year his childhood home in Chicago was designated an official monument. I only wish his grave was better cared for, because almost every time a picture of it is posted, it looks neglected. You would think that thanks to its notoriety, cemetery staff or local groups would take care of it on a regular basis. Mississippi residents probably look at his statue and don’t know that in Chicago, Till’s final resting place is often surrounded by tall grass, dead grass, and dried flowers.


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