German retailer dm chooses RELEX space planning technology — Retail Technology Innovation Hub


The German pharmacy chain dm is partnering with RELEX Solutions to optimize the layout of its sales area.

RELEX’s space and assortment solution will serve more than 2,000 dm stores in Germany and more than 1,800 stores in Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Croatia and nine other countries in South East Europe .

Previously, dm relied on generic cluster planograms that could not accurately reflect the unique characteristics of each store, requiring manual store-by-store planning.

The RELEX solution automates placement recommendations that consider localized, store-specific requirements and enables central planners to share these recommendations with individual locations at the touch of a button.

A collaboration tool allows store staff to provide direct feedback on placement suggestions to head office, improving future recommendations.

“Each dm store is as unique as the needs of the people who shop there,” says Roman Melcher, dm Managing Director responsible for IT/dmTECH.

“RELEX respects this individuality and provides us with planograms that are 100% tailored to each store’s performance, product range and available space, which helps us make our offer customer-oriented, in line with our corporate philosophy. »

“One of the benefits our customers get is our integrated approach that breaks down silos and considers all retail functions holistically. Our space planning solution focuses on a cohesive union of floor space and shelving,” adds Michael Hoffmann, Vice President RELEX Field Operations DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland).

“Thanks to the flexible adaptability of our solution, dm benefits from a scalable system that will help it meet its current needs as well as the challenges and requirements of tomorrow.”


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