Human rights group verifies Polish senator has been hacked with spyware | Technology



The senator’s cell phone was hacked with Pegasus 33 times in 2019, mostly while Brejza led the opposition campaign to overthrow the law-and-justice-led government, Citizen Lab determined last month.

The text messages stolen from Brejza’s phone were forged and broadcast on state-controlled television as part of a smear campaign in the heat of the moment, which the ruling populist party narrowly won. Brejza compared the actions to the tactics used in Russia against Kremlin critic and opposition leader Alexei Navalny.

Donncha O’Cearbhaill, an expert at Amnesty International’s security lab, said he confirmed Citizen Lab’s findings after receiving raw backups of Brejza’s phone from Canadian researchers. Amnesty uses independently developed tools and methods for its forensic analysis.

Brejza told the PA that he believes the real victims of the hacking are Polish voters who have been “deceived” by the law and the courts and “denied the right to fair elections”.

The other two Polish targets confirmed by Citizen Lab were Roman Giertych, a lawyer who represents opposition politicians in a number of politically sensitive cases, and Ewa Wrzosek, an independent-minded prosecutor.

Wrzosek formally asked the Warsaw District Attorney’s Office last month to investigate the hack into his phone. The office refused, justifying its decision saying Wrzosek refused to hand over his phone.



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