If you pass at the time of death, then you get paradise

Religion: For the peace of the soul of the deceased, it is very important to perform Shradh, tarpan on the Pitru Paksha. This gives heaven to the ancestors. But some things are considered so auspicious that even if they are close at the time of death, they get heaven. These things are considered very auspicious in Garuda Purana. According to Garuda Purana, if these things are nearby at the time of death, then there is no need for Shradh Karma. These things pave the way to heaven for the deceased. Let us know what are those things that are considered very auspicious to be near at the time of death.Tulsi- According to astrology, if there is a Tulsi plant around the person at the time of death or if Tulsi leaves are placed on his mouth and forehead, then the deceased never goes to Yamlok. The gates of heaven are open to him.Gangajal- Gangajal is considered very sacred in Hinduism. According to Garuda Purana, when a person’s death is near, then Gangajal should be poured into his mouth. By doing this, his sins are destroyed and he goes straight to heaven. It is believed that even by immersing the ashes in the Ganges, the deceased obtains paradise. As long as the ashes remain in the Ganges, a person enjoys the pleasures of heaven.Kush- Kush is considered very auspicious in Hinduism. The use of Kush is prominent in the cult. Kush is believed to have originated from the Rome of Lord Vishnu. By having a dying man lie on the seat of Kush, he gets a place in heaven even without executing Shradh.Sesame- Til has a special meaning in the Shraddha Paksha. The ancestors are offered a tarpan with water mixed with black sesame seeds. Therefore, if black sesame is given to a dying person, then demons, demons and devils always stay away from that person. In addition, black sesame should be placed on the head of the dying person.

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