Kanye’s “Thanksgiving Prayer”: Kim, Religion, Mental Illness



Even in a year of rock-hard getaways for Kanye West (Westcapades?), It would be hard to imagine Yeezy chilling out at the end of 2021. Even with Jesus’ birthday still in front of us, Ye has just released “Thanksgiving Prayer “, a sort of five-minute hymn.

Thanksgiving is a pretty special day for Kanye, remember – he released the video for his ode to Chick-Fil-A, “Closed Sundays,” on Thanksgiving Day 2019.

But this time he went the extra mile with the long “Thanksgiving Prayer”. Maybe he’s making up for the holiday season he skipped last year after wasting time and money in his presidential failure.

Just over five minutes long, “Thanksgiving Prayer” is a confessional of words spoken atop the Sunday Service choir vocalizations that swell and recede, accompanied by images of the singers and shadow-masked figures.

“This is my super, super, super super super long Thanksgiving prayer,” West begins. “This Thanksgiving. I am so grateful to my family, my blood family, my fans and our enemies. We love you too.”

There is still a little of that Trumpish “dragon energy” in Ye, clearly.

“All I think about every day is how I am rebuilding my family and how I heal the pain I have caused. I take responsibility for my actions. New word of warning: misactions.”

Yeezy then lists various personal shortcomings, touching on alcohol addiction, refusal to continue taking his bipolar drugs, and even his “Pharisaic Christian behavior,” which was accentuated by “being rich, famous and very, very, very, very, very attractive. “

I have to admit that Kanye displays a pretty impressive self-awareness (to him), like when he admits that he “embarrassed [his] woman “by running for president.

Still, there are nuances to that old Yeezy urge, like when he claims that “not aligning with Hollywood’s political stance” has made his family “a target”, as if the only problem with his MAGA hat was that he got bad press.

At first glance, “Thanksgiving Prayer” is clearly meant to be read as a moment of masked seriousness on Kanye’s part, as if the famous fickle rapper has given up his defenses for a serious statement. But it all falls apart on even moderate scrutiny.

Of course, in light of the fair confessions posted in “Thanksgiving Prayer,” there is something to be said for Drake’s upcoming gig from Kanye, a charity that is a testament to its magnanimous side – arguably, the only consistent side of Kanye. Kanye.

However, there is just as much to be said for her stubbornly staunch support for Marilyn Manson and other wretches, as if it was a good thing to stand up for the ultra-rich offenders from the specter of the so-called “cancellation culture”. .

“Thanksgiving Prayer” is really a transparent plea for Kim to reconsider his distance, for Kanye’s diehards to dedicate themselves twice, and for his “hates” to reconsider their criticism.

Not only does “Thanksgiving Prayer” lack acknowledgment of wrongdoing, but this polished and polished video is too poised.

This belated apology to her family and fans seems like an afterthought, as if it’s the kind of soul-searching that a good Christian celebrity is forced to do on vacation.

On the contrary, the Kim-centric Instagram story Kanye uploaded a bit later underlines that the whole thing is really just a flowery attempt to win Kim back.

No one blames Kanye for his mental health or drug problems. It is that he says and does scandalous, even hurtful things, and rarely returns them without qualifiers, if at all.

At the end of the video, Kanye promises to hold himself accountable in the future. He promises to do better for everyone. I’ll believe it when I see it.

“Thanksgiving Prayer” is a pleasant feeling, which Kanye is perfectly welcome to indulge in, but empty nonetheless.



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