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This is crucial, he said, because “we are faced, in our world, with many daily problems where the faithful need to be guided, to be told what is the way of Gospel ”.

Ironically, the bitter disputes between liberal Catholics in Europe, particularly Germany, and conservative Catholics in the Global South, particularly Africa, resemble the conflicts that have rocked Anglicanism for decades, noted one Anglican activist. evangelical who followed the work of Nazir-Ali for many years.

“Yes, Anglicanism has seen a better day and will be again. Roman Catholicism has seen a better day and we pray that it will once again have a better day, ”noted Kevin Kallsen, host of Anglican Unscripted video podcasts. “But you can’t trade Anglicanism for Roman Catholicism and say you’re looking for a purer religion – a purer doctrine, a purer church.” Rome may be purer “on paper,” he insisted, but “in practice” this is not the reality at this point in Church history.

It is true that, in the days to come, liberals and conservatives of the Anglican Communion and the Catholic Church could debate the importance of this leap of faith by Nazir-Ali, the Al Kresta TV station said. , reached by phone.

“But one thing is certain,” Kresta stressed: “This man is more than a defender of the faith. He has been a hero to evangelicals and a lion fighting for the rights of believers around the world who have suffered for the faith. faith Michael Nazir-Ali attacked the gates of hell, not standing safely on the sidelines. “

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