Media rejects government medals and honors on Constitution Day



Media rejects government medals and honors on Constitution Day

Media reject government medals and honors on Constitution Day

Editor-in-chief of Hari Bahadur Thapa, editor-in-chief of Narayan Amrit, cartoonist Rabin Sayami and editor-in-chief of Naya Patrika Dainik Krishna Jwala Devkota. (From left to right)

KATMANDU: The number of journalists rejecting the medals and distinctions awarded by the government on the occasion of Constitution Day 2021 increases as the day goes on.

Notable journalists declining the honors so far are Naya Patrika Dainik editor-in-chief Krishna Jwala Devkota, editor-in-chief Hari Bahadur Thapa, editor Narayan Amrit and cartoonist Rabin Sayami.

Naya Patrik, editor-in-chief, Devkota, said it was unethical to accept the medal for him as questions were raised about the non-transparent and justified distribution of the medals. Meanwhile, he thanked the government for considering his eligibility for the honor of the Suprabal Janaswei medal.

Likewise, editor-in-chief Thapa wrote his take on Facebook on Sunday regarding the honor bestowed upon him. He wrote that in the past, too, he has rejected honors when asked for the same, but this time his name has been kept on the list without asking. He also thanked the government but rejected the Suprabal Janasewi medal.

Likewise, editor-in-chief Amrit wrote that he still disagrees with the opaque process of distributing honors, decorations and adornments on Constitution Day.

Likewise, cartoonist Rabin Sayami also rejected the Suprabal Janasewi medal.

On the occasion of Constitution Day, President Bidya Devi Bhandari presented various decorations, awards and medals to 903 people. However, in the past 8 years, as many as 192 personalities have not received government honors.



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