Michael Anton: A society that claims to be based on real knowledge can leave no room for doubt | Video



Michael Anton, author Challenges, answered these questions during an appearance on the Adam Townsend podcast:

“Anti-vaccination is a culture. Why can’t this country accept this? “

MICHAEL ANTON: Only part of the country doesn’t accept it. But that’s the part of the country that rules.

To evoke Machiavelli – bring it back to Nick again – Nick is the first philosopher who seems to claim that philosophical or scientific authority can be the basis of public rule, which the ancients did not believe.

In a way, the last 500 years have been a refinement of this argument. And the authoritative “But, Science” or “Because Science” fist, Dr Fauci said today, is nothing but the culmination of that principle.

All societies must have an authoritative opinion for which they govern. Be it biblical, classical, poetic, whatever it is. Ours claims to be based on real knowledge.

It’s the new twist, it’s not just poetic or religious, it’s not revealed. “We know.” We all know that. Therefore, if you deny or doubt, you are denying the facts or the reality. It is flat Earthism. If you have any doubts about a virus or a vaccine, you are like someone who denies that the earth is round and cannot be left to stand. This is sort of the situation we find ourselves in now.

When this is the basis for the regime’s claim to rule, once you understand this it is easy to see why they are so hostile to anyone who wants to step down or even has doubts.

“Can an empire with unlimited executors be defeated?” Imagine Rome with the power of AI, cheap drones and instant communication? “

MICHAEL ANTON: The question is whether these technologies allow tyranny on a scale, intensity, or duration that was not possible in earlier times in history. And the answer to that is we don’t know. There are reasons to believe yes, there are reasons to believe no.

I am a little reassured of what follows. It doesn’t seem like a particularly competent or effective group to me, does it? These people don’t seem to really know what they’re doing. If you think of all the giant ruling class failures over the past 20 years.

All the failures of foreign policy after September 11. Failures just to stay out of stupid wars that benefit no one except defense contractors. The financial crisis.

The failures of our elites at all levels. They don’t seem to really know what they’re doing. If we gave AI, cheap drones, and instant communication to tyrants with the level of cruelty, sophistication, and efficiency of Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, and Mao, that would be terrifying.

Maybe we see something like that at a junior level in China, where you have a much more capable and knowledgeable regime that is handling things through technology.

As depressing and obnoxious as the Biden-Harris administration and all its technological, media and financial tools are, they are neither geniuses nor efficiency experts.

The ruling class’s record since the end of the Cold War is pretty poor if you think about it.

ADAM TOWNSEND: Doesn’t that scare you even more? That these elites are so stupid. They are like the hereditary elites.

MICHAEL ANTON: It’s a source of hope. Who would you rather be the tyrant? Someone who really doesn’t know what they’re doing or someone who absolutely knows what they’re doing.

You spoke earlier of Gottfried saying he would like to be ruled by an authoritarian. It is possible to be ruled by an authoritarian who reigns for the common good and who enjoys the benefits. OK, so you want this person to be efficient.

But if the person is somehow a tyrant and doesn’t rule for the common good, rules for their private good, and clearly hates you and your kind and wants to stick with you, I’d rather they were not competent.

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