MSNBC’s ‘Love & The Constitution’ sheds light on Jamie Raskin’s difficult year


Rep. Jamie Raskin, who claimed national stardom as the lead impeachment trial manager for then-President Donald Trump in the final days of his administration, is the subject of a new MSNBC documentary titled ” Love & The Constitution”.

The 86-minute docu, which debuts on the cabler on February 6, follows the US congressman over a three-year period, capturing his fight to uphold the Constitution under the Trump administration. Several pivotal life moments will be included, including the loss of her son, Tommy, to suicide on December 31, 2020.

Director Madeleine Carter began filming ‘Love & The Constitution’ during Maryland’s second year in Congress, when Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation of Trump was well underway and Raskin was serving on the Judiciary Committee. from the room.

“My first day shooting Congressman Raskin was July 4, 2018,” says Carter, who expected Mueller’s report to be out soon. “I also assumed that the release of the Mueller report would trigger an impeachment inquiry by the House Judiciary Committee, on which Jamie sits. I thought Trump would be impeached within six months, and that I would follow Jamie through of the process and that I would finish filming in a year,” she says. “It didn’t go that way.”

In addition to Raskin, “Love & The Constitution” features members of the congressman’s family: his wife Sarah Bloom Raskin and their children Tommy, Tabitha and Hannah.

Raskin, a former law professor, was on Capitol Hill during the Jan. 6 uprising while mourning the death of his son. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi quickly appointed him lead director of President Trump’s impeachment trial for inciting insurrection, and Carter’s cameras were present throughout the trial and both tragedies.

“Mads Carter pressured me for about a year to agree to do a documentary about the Constitution, Donald Trump and me,” Raskin explains. “She recorded a lot of things that I am happy to remember now and some things that we wholeheartedly wish never happened. But she was always a constant and compassionate chronicler of our lives.

“After three and a half years of filming, we pretty much forgot she was there in the background filming us,” adds Raskin, whose memoir, “Unthinkable: Trauma, Truth, and the Trials of American Democracy”, was published recently. “Through campaigns, marches, protests, violent insurrection, impeachment, the Senate trial and Tommy’s memorial service, she spoke to our lives during a time of trauma, struggle and grief.”

Over the past year, MSNBC has revitalized its long-form non-fiction programming under the MSNBC Films banner led by Amanda Spain, Vice President of Long-Form Acquisitions. “Love & The Constitution” is one of nine feature documentaries Spain has acquired since being hired in March. In addition to French artist JR’s ‘Paper & Glue’ docu, Spain also acquired Field of Vision’s ‘The Facility’, one of 15 short documentaries recently nominated for the Oscars shortlist.

“‘Love & The Constitution’ is so important right now because it’s about the personal story of one man persevering through the traumas that so many people have experienced,” Spain, who served as executive producer on the documentary, tells The Daily Mail. alongside MSNBC President Rashida Jones. .

“The collective trauma of January 6 and the fight to save this country and the collective mental health crisis caused by COVID, which has claimed so many lives. I hope this film will serve as a beacon for years to come, that despite these unbearable moments in life, we can keep moving forward and fighting for what we believe in.


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