New board of directors and new president for the worldwide grouping of collecting societies SCAPR


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By Chris Cooke | Posted on Monday, June 6, 2022

SCAPR – the worldwide organization of performers’ collective management societies – has a new board following an election at its general assembly in Rome last week.

José Luis Sevillano of Spanish company AIE has been appointed chairman, succeeding Eanna Casey – of Irish company RAAP – who has stepped down.

Meanwhile, Roberto Mello from ABRAMUS in Brazil was newly elected to the board, and three existing members were re-elected: Tilo Gerlach from GVL in Germany, Agnieszka Parzuchowska-Janczarska from STOART in Poland and Peter Leathem from the company British PPL.

The societies that make up the SCAPR specifically represent performers. In terms of music, they collect the royalties due to said performers when the recordings on which they appear are broadcast or played in public. In most cases, these are royalties arising from the performer’s right to equitable remuneration in copyright.

In some countries – as with PPL in the UK – it is the same companies that represent record labels in collective licensing scenarios, although in some places performers and record labels have separate organizations representing their rights.

Commenting on his re-election, PPL boss Leathem said: “I am extremely pleased to have been elected by performers’ collective management organizations around the world to continue to represent them on the Board of Directors of SCAPR and thank my colleagues around the world for their continued support.”

“PPL is a collaborative organization and strongly believes in the importance of collective management of performers’ rights,” he adds. “Through collaboration, we can ensure that performers’ rights are respected around the world and create tools and systems to deliver money faster and more efficiently to performers – wherever their performances are exploited – which is the main objective of SCAPR”.

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