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The Naval Surface Warfare Center Panama City Division’s Customer Care and Information Management Directorate (code 1042) (NSWC PCD) is a 46-person team that resiliently provides a comprehensive information technology (IT) support. This team demonstrated flexibility, teamwork and skill as they worked together to accomplish the monumental task of delivering a technological refresh to over 2,300 seats. They were recognized during a presentation receiving an Enterprise Operations Excellence Service Star Award and a special challenge coin on Feb. 9.

“We had gone about four years without new machines, but the [tech refresh] The customer service feedback we’ve received has been great. It shows how their ability throughout the development process has helped put our customers at ease during the stress and worry of moving from one computer to another,” said David Hawes, Head of Acting Division and Command Information Officer. “Savings and customer service have been assured. We are grateful for their skill and expertise as it has allowed us to succeed and we wanted to let them know that we feel their hard work.

Prior to this technology update, lost productivity was at least 2,000 man-hours per day. This left the NSWC PCD with two options: pay $342 per seat to make an exchange or have code 1042 make the transition internally. Code 1042 accepted the challenge and not only completed this project a year before the first one started, saving over $500,000, but also provided a successful model for other upgrades. technological updates.

“We are extremely proud of our team and the efficiency of their entire process,” said NSWC PCD Technical Director Dr. Peter Adair. “As other War Centers in the company have struggled with technology updates, I have shared the results of Code 1042 with War Center Command leadership. They echoed my sentiment that these are impressive results and will seek to share best practices across the One Team business.

Additionally, the team continued their reliable daily order support, which included resolving 11,000 Alloy tickets ranging from different IT issues such as account creation, software installation, network integration, telecom support and planned network maintenance in 2021.

“Covering the variety of departments, staff and their specific IT needs at NSWC PCD, offers many potential challenges to overcome while considering that they are truly on the front line of support when physically interacting to assist their customers. But they did,” said Jaimie Brock, deputy head of the corporate operations department. “Even on the rare occasions when we received constructive feedback, the team quickly incorporated this into the process and everything our IT professionals did went beyond expectations. I have never seen a team doing so well and I got so much positive feedback and enthusiasm around what they were doing.

The talent, critical thinking ability, problem solving ability and commitment to service of the Information Management and Customer Support team has had a direct impact on the NSWC PCD, resulting in estimated savings of over $800,000 and 2,500 man-hours through technology refreshes and daily support activities.

“It’s great to be recognized, especially when I didn’t realize the scope of the work and the support the team provided at the start,” said Anthony Johnson Sr., administrator of the Naval Support Activity Research Development Network. Testing and Evaluation. “I believe, especially as many of us are past serving military and led by Air Force Major Lisa Trawick, NSWC PCD IT Project Manager, that duty and quality were held in high esteem. I really appreciate the people I’ve worked with and couldn’t have asked for a better team.

Code 1042-
Greg Brakey
Denise Lasiter
Heather Deich
Shelby Lium
Philippe Whitte
Marcus Maddison
steven a hunt
Jeremy Colman
John Lurry

Code 1041-
Anthony Johnson
Jordan Moody

CLIN 54-
Steven Elliot
justin horn

Facilities (102) – Chris Owens


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