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For the editor:

Are Christians who criticize the woke ideology of gender loveless?

An Easter article in this newspaper by Steve Garbacz indicated that he thinks Christian critics are loveless.

Our society is going in the wrong direction. Like prophets and apostles, ordinary Christians have a responsibility to warn them. In fact, it is unloving to be silent.

The gender ideology movement receives full support from the Biden administration. Woke activists demand the indoctrination of children from an early age through public education.

If the militants get what they want, the children will undergo this indoctrination. If parents intervene, they could be charged with child abuse. Children could be taken from their homes. Pastors could be prosecuted for hate speech if they address LGBT issues biblically in counseling and preaching.

Sound wild to you? This is already happening in Canada and in some states.

There are physical and spiritual consequences to reawakening gender ideology.

Puberty-blocking drugs and hormones are commonly used. These treatments can cause permanent health and developmental problems, including infertility.

For example, the bone densities of young men on these diets are similar to those of geriatric patients.

Micropenis are common. A young man developed a micropenis due to puberty blockers. When he underwent “gender affirmation surgery”, there was not enough material to create an artificial vagina. So, the surgeon fashioned it from his colon (vaginoplasty of the sigmoid colon). The smell made her boyfriend leave him, and now he’s even more depressed.

Josef Mengele could not have devised more macabre experiences. If you want to investigate the evil fathers of the gender ideology movement, look up John Money and Alfred Kinsey.

Based on the empirical date alone, impartial thinkers should see gender ideology as bankrupt.

There is spiritual revelation contained in Scripture, however, and Scripture defines objective reality.

God created man male and female, in his own image. Adam and Eve were commanded to multiply and fill the earth with other image bearers as part of the nuclear family.

Rejecting the mandate of creation and going our own way is an echo of Adam’s rebellion against God’s purpose. Man was created to reflect the glory of God and to enjoy fellowship with Him. Rejecting God and his good design leads to frustration and existential angst. Those on this path now experience alienation from God, and ultimately eternal separation.

However, there are plenty of bogus liberal pastors in the pulpit who say otherwise. They are lay people who disguise themselves as shepherds, suckling within this culture. They worship a Play-doh god shaped according to this culture. PCUSA, ELCA, UMC and Liberal Mennonite Ministers are among them.

Does God have unconditional love for everyone? Liberal pastors focus on the love of God to the exclusion of his holiness.

Read the Bible, especially the book of Romans. God is holy. He exercises wrath and judgment against sinful men.

God loves his creation and sent his Son to accomplish his redemption and restoration of pre-fall harmony.

However, he does not exercise redeeming love on all men. Faith in Christ and repentance are required. Repentance involves experiencing a change of mind. The mind must be changed by the new birth of God. This new birth aligns us with him and his design. The body is not the problem. Our minds need renewal.

Born-again believers want to please and obey God. They find their identity and belonging in union with Christ, not with the LGBT community.

Regarding Steve’s assertion that Christian critics do not know others with these issues, and therefore cannot sympathize with them, many Christians have left these circles. Becket Cook, Rosaria Butterfield, and Christopher Yuan are Christian authors who were part of the LGBT community and approach these issues with biblical fidelity and compassion. Wholesome biblical churches include repentant and loved brethren with these testimonies.

Responsible and empathetic believers would no more affirm the dysphoria of sexually confused individuals than they would affirm the dysphoria of starving anorexics.

For more information on sexuality from a biblical perspective, I recommend “Love Thy Body” by Nancy Pearcey.

Robert Sparkman

City of Rome


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