Polish senator sues party leader over surveillance charges | Technology


Ryszard Brejza, mayor of Inowroclaw, a town in central Poland, said he had received a letter informing him that he was due to appear for questioning as a suspect, but that he had not been informed of the nature of the case.

“I feel a bit like the character in Franz Kafka’s novel ‘The Trial’. I don’t know what this is about. I can only guess, “he told news channel TVN24.

A spokesperson for the Gdansk prosecutor’s office said that Ryszard Brejza was summoned “as a suspect” for “failure to fulfill his obligations and violation of powers” by agents of the mayor’s office in Inowroclaw involving the theft of public money.

A city spokesperson noted that Ryszard Brejza himself had informed prosecutors four years earlier that public money had been stolen from the city.

Krzysztof Brejza was hacked several times in 2019, mainly when he was leading the opposition parliamentary election campaign, according to an expert analysis from Citizen Lab, a research institute at the University of Toronto. The findings were confirmed by technical experts from Amnesty International.

Citizen Lab discovered that two other Polish critics of right-wing authorities were also hacked, all three with Pegasus spyware by the Israeli group NSO. The other two are Ewa Wrzosek, prosecutor, and Roman Giertych, lawyer.


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