Religion cannot inspire positive change unless it is inclusive: Italian philosopher Sabrina Lei – The New Indian Express


Through Express press service

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: If religion is not inclusive and open to historical development, it will lose the ability to inspire real and positive change in society, said Italian philosopher Sabrina Lei. Therefore, there is a risk that religion will be equated with culture, said Sabrina, director of the Tawasul International Center for Publishing, Research and Dialogue in Rome.

Sabrina Lei, widely acclaimed for her Italian translation of Atmopadesa Satakam by Sree Narayana Guru, Indian Upanishads and several world classics, gave an online lecture on “Religion, Culture, Identity and Nationalism” hosted by Vakkom Moulavi Memorial and Research Center (VMMRC) in association with the Institute for Global South Studies and Research (IGSSR) on Sunday.

Warning that “radical nationalism is totally against multiculturalism”, Sabrina underlined the fundamental character of multiculturalism which indicates “the presence of different cultures inside a space that can be national, geographical, political and social”.

She noted that “the identity of a nation, as well as an individual, is never monolithic or static, but is in fact the result of a historical process of exchange, compromise and growth” .


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