Religion Today Film Festival 2022 selects Iranian films


TEHRAN — Six Iranian films have been selected to screen at the 25th Religion Today Film Festival in Italy.

‘A Horse’s Dream’, ‘Surviving Fortress’, ’19’, ‘The Peach’, ‘Cylinder’ and ‘Graveyard’ will compete in different sections of the festival, which will take place in Trento, Bolzano, Rome, Venice and Marina di Camerota from September 14 to 21.

The story of “A Horse’s Dream” by Marjan Khosravi is set in a mountainous but extremely green landscape, where nomadic families have found their temporary home. Shahnaz, a teenager, is due to get married soon, but her thoughts turn to the world of literature.

Directed by Farshad Fadaian, “Surviving Fortress” tells the story of Morteza who sells all his properties in the city and buys an old castle on the edge of a desert, connected to acres of land that has been abandoned for years and is uncultivated. .

Manijeh Hekmat’s “19” follows a 57-year-old woman who goes into a coma after being infected with coronavirus and begins to travel to different parts of her memories through her unconscious.

In “The Peach”, director and screenwriter Mehdi Hosseinkhani tells the story of a teenager who is bullied by his classmates. However, he reclaims his lost identity, takes actions he once refrained from, and tries to prove himself by changing his behavior.

Amir Pazirofteh’s ‘Cylinder’ is about a teenager who, regardless of his interest and talent for football, has to obey a money-obsessed father. The father prevents his son by all means from going to the football match. After this continuous struggle, when the day of the match finally arrives, the boy nevertheless decides to go to the final match with the help of his friend.

Ali Darai’s ‘Graveyard’ tells the story of Reyhaneh, who was the cause of her baby’s death. Now, in the absence of her runaway husband, she searches for a way to bury the baby. She faces different difficulties but eventually finds a way to get what she wants.

“Religion Today was the first international and traveling film festival dedicated to cinema and religions for a culture of peace and dialogue between religions, cultures, peoples and individuals,” the organizers said.

Photo: Pantea Panahiha acts in a scene from “19” by Manijeh Hekmat.



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