Religious news March 21, 2022


Ukrainian News

The United Nations says 10 million people fled their homes during the war in Ukraine, about a quarter of the population. Up to 900 civilians were killed and 1,450 injured.

Pope Francis says the war in Ukraine is a senseless massacre

Pope Francis called the war in Ukraine a senseless massacre, an act of violent aggression, a heinous, cruel, inhuman war and sacrilege without justification. In Sunday’s Angelus address, he called for an end to the violence and a long-term welcome for Ukrainian refugees. Also this weekend, the pope visited a children’s hospital in Rome that is treating 19 Ukrainian children who fled the war and are receiving treatment, some in oncology and neurology wards and others injured.

The bells of the cathedrals of England and Lviv ring out in solidarity with the Ukrainian people

The bells of St Paul’s Cathedral in London and Durham rang at the same time as the church bells of Lviv – 4 p.m. Sunday afternoon – to show solidarity with the Ukrainian people. The Dean of St Paul’s, David Ison, said he hoped the people of Ukraine “will see the recording of the bell ring in London and find comfort in this act of solidarity”. Bishop Kenneth Nowakowski, Bishop of the Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of the Holy Family of London, said the combined ringing would be of great comfort to Lviv Mayor Andriy Sadovyi, giving people hope.

Dispersed Jewish community in southern Ukraine

Jewish communities in southern Ukraine described the violence and unrest. Rabbi Menachem Mendel Cohen, once based in Mariupol, told the Jewish News of the total destruction and mass exodus from the city that was once home to 16,000 Jews. Some were sheltering in the town theater which was bombed and where people would still be trapped. And in Odessa, Rabbi Avraham Wolf appeals for help as Jewish community absorbs fleeing Jews Kharkiv, kyiv and Dnieper, while fearing a Russian bombardment.

The Associated Press reports on the efforts of an American lawyer to find Holocaust survivors in Ukraine and help them escape. Julia Entin, granddaughter of a Ukrainian Holocaust survivor, said she wanted to help as they are re-experiencing this trauma.

Other news

Church leaders condemn P&O decision to lay off 800 workers

In a joint statement, the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Bishop of Dover condemned P&O’s decision to lay off 800 workers without warning as “inhumane and unethical”. Justin Welby said the ad was “cynically timed for a time when the world’s attention was on Ukraine” and that P&O was “treating human beings like a commodity with no basic value or dignity”.

Vatican opens leadership positions to women

The Vatican is proposing a new constitution that will allow any baptized Roman Catholic, including women, to be appointed head of department. Until now, these positions were reserved for a cardinal or a bishop. The changes are the result of nine years of deliberations led by Pope Francis and involving churches around the world.

The Antivaxer Mother General of Tyburn convent has been reported to the Vatican

Mother General Marilla, who runs Tyburn Convent opposite Hyde Park, has been reported to the Vatican for encouraging nuns to refuse Covid19 vaccinations, The Sunday Times reports. The report says they complained and the Diocese of Westminster referred the matter to the Vatican, but she denied the intimidation and said she left the choice up to the nuns.

Cathedrals urge public to return as visitors after Covid pandemic

Cathedral deans are urging the public to continue supporting their activities after latest figures show a 57% drop in visitors in 2021. The previous year there was a 64% drop in worshippers, mainly due of the pandemic. Deans say that in recent weeks cathedrals have become the focus of prayer vigils and community gatherings following the invasion of Ukraine, with many lit up in the colors of the Ukrainian flag. And on March 23, services and events will mark two years since the first Covid lockdown.

Hillsong leader Brian Houston has been investigated for improper actions

Brian Houston, the global leader of the Hillsong church network, is facing two allegations of misconduct, involving sending inappropriate text messages to a staff member and entering the hotel room of an unhealthy woman. drunk. He’s already on leave to prepare for a court case where he’s accused of covering up his father’s historic abuse. In a statement, Hillsong said it was investigating, apologizing to those involved and reviewing its governance structures.

Spring Equinox at Stonehenge

Around 1,000 people gathered at Stonehenge for the vernal equinox as first light appeared at 5.45am yesterday morning. Druids and pagans came together for rituals including dancing and singing, to welcome the first day of spring,


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