Seen from above n° 27: The Society of Saint Pius X, a missionary faith


Born of the Church, at the service of the Church and founded by a man of the Church, the Society of Saint Pius X (FSPX) lives by its missionary spirit, as evidenced by the various communications published in this issue of Seen from abovethe journal of the Saint Pius X University Institute.

The doctrinal dimension represents a considerable part of his ministry because of the very nature of faith, the foundation of eternal salvation. How could the Company not seek to extend, to radiate, to propagate this faith essential to the work of Redemption?

The importance of its doctrinal combat cannot, however, overshadow other dimensions of the Society, in particular its spirituality entirely centered on the Mass and the priesthood or its devotion to Pope Saint Pius X. The 50th anniversary of the SSPX, founded on November 1 , 1970 by Archbishop Lefebvre, is an opportunity to address six major aspects.

On the “doctrinal ministry of the Society of Saint Pius X”, Fr. Benoît de Jorna, Superior of the District of France, affirms p. 9: “It is the training of the mind that counts. It’s not just about knowing. Learning, accumulating knowledge is one thing; there are people who have a considerable memory; living according to what one knows is another thing. The important thing is the transmission of a doctrine, of a life.

“For this reason, our ministry is a doctrinal ministry. It sounds like an oxymoron: through his ministry, the priest gives his faithful the means to live as Christians, guides them spiritually, one could say morally. However, this directive, this injunction to the faithful to live as a Christian is a doctrinal ministry, because it is based on extremely important doctrinal principles.

“Moreover – and this is a crucial point – these principles are both theological and philosophical. To dispense a respectable doctrinal teaching, one must have a good theology – theology is the teaching of the Church, catholic, supernatural; and to be good, theology must be firmly founded on a philosophy.

“Respectable, we say: hasn’t our doctrinal teaching been effectively recognized as such? We have been called to Rome to discuss doctrine with eminent personalities who have seen, undeniably, the firmness of our doctrinal teaching, for we rightly defend our positions with arguments. To have an argument, a solid doctrinal ministry, you first need a good theology.

In summary :

-Introduction – Fr. François-Marie Chautard, Rector of the Saint Pius X Institute

-The doctrinal ministry of the Society of Saint Pius X – Fr. Benoît de Jorna, Superior of the District of France

– Fifty years of relations between the Society of Saint Pius X and the Vatican (1970-2020) – Fr. Nicolas Portail, professor of history at the Saint Pius X Institute

-The Society, a work of the Church – Fr. François-Marie Chautard

-The spirit of Archbishop Lefebvre and the spirit of the Society of Saint Pius X – Fr. Guy Castelain, Prior of the Moulin du Pin

-The patronage of Saint Pius X – P. Philippe Toulza, director of Clovis editions

– The Secular Roots of Faith – Denis Duverger, Associate Professor of Classics

– Conclusion – Fr. François-Marie Chautard

The Society of Saint Pius X, missionary faith, Seen from above, n°27, 124 pages, €10 (+ €4.50 postage). Available at the secretariat of the Institut Universitaire St.-Pie X, 21 rue du Cherche-Midi, 75006 Paris – Fax: 01 42 84 31 94 – Email: [email protected]


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