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An ingenious invention by Dr. Benjamin Levine of the Southwestern Medical Center at the University of Texas (UT); a sleeping bag to redistribute blood flow around the body while sleeping in space flight. What I admire the most about this invention is its simplicity. It is reminiscent of a reservoir ventilator (i.e. a steel lung) in that it surrounds a part of the body in a volume under different pressure from the rest of the body. We often think of space technology as fantastic electrical gadgets, but this invention is almost entirely mechanical and just shows that there is so much to be developed in the mechanical sector.

As for patentability, I would certainly want to try for protection! It reminds me of a number of issues identified by my colleague Louise Mansion in this article for the engineer. If patent protection is required, it must be sought in the territory of the State performing the space flight in question. Sounds like a strong argument to go national in CN, US and UK!

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