The Constitution must be rewritten: Prabhu Sah



The Constitution must be rewritten: Prabhu Sah

The Constitution must be rewritten: Prabhu Sah

The head of the CPN-UML Prabhu Sah. (File photo)

KATMANDOU: As the main opposition party CPN-UML celebrates Constitution Day, Prabhu Sah, an influential Madheshi leader of the party, said the Constitution needs to be rewritten.

The UML Sah leader, who is also a former minister, said on social media on Sunday that a constitutional amendment was needed.

On the occasion of the seventh day of the constitution, he pointed out that it is necessary to review the current constitutional provisions.

“The provisions to form 761 governments in a small country like Nepal, to create three unnecessary levels in a federal country, to give reservations to the ruling caste, to create dozens of unnecessary constitutional commissions, to make bad arrangements concerning dual nationality, to keep old judicial system and bureaucracy, unbalanced separation of powers, partisan income “Sah underlined the provisions he deemed necessary to be amended and added:” The distribution of power is also not balanced. “

Many Madhesh-based parties and leaders reiterated the need to revise the Constitution to make it more inclusive.



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