The Historical Society of Rome will organize a virtual program of aircraft tales


The Historical Society of Rome, 200 Church St., will present a virtual program, Airplane Tales, at 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday, January 19.

Participants can consult the program on: or on Zoom with prior registration: (

Jim Coulthart, a passionate local military aviation historian, will discuss his most recent research.

Airplane Tales will explore a collection of WWII anecdotes, incidents and aircraft crashes related to central New York.

The stories involve planes named “Getaway Gertie”, “Hot Stuff”, “Pistol Ball”, “Genevieve”, “Old Hellcat” and a few others, the Historical Society of Rome said in its program announcement.

Coulthart spent a year and a half compiling family accounts, newspaper clippings, online resources and official reports to develop the program and illuminate the rich local aviation history.

Attendees will discover invigorating stories of select military aircraft in central New York with historic photographs from the collection of the Rome Historical Society, the organization’s announcement added.

RHS is a non-profit organization. For more information, call 315-336-5870, like them on Facebook, or visit their website at


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