United Society – Part 1


It is how this generation, or the next, has the power to cripple mass incarceration and other systems designed to target black, Latino, Asian, Indigenous and white people involved in the current movement of reform. For centuries, some of the bravest leaders have proven the need to unite.

Over time, their message was absorbed like rain. In some cases, flowing through the gravel, washing away generations of blood, sweat and tears, and in other cases, falling on dry ideas forcing the seeds of thought that lingered to life. This is by no means a talk of unification.

This is definitely a call to action. In society, the cries, pleas and complaints of injustices that have happened are so loud. May the vibrations of your voices be heard by us, inside the prison industrial complex… the walls are shaking. Can you hear us? Do you feel our vibrations?

Create earthquakes in the gravel on which injustice works, which we hope create chasms in the land on which racism resides and which we hope create volcanic eruptions around the area where oppression dwells.

I write this message from solitary confinement, a place designed to punish men and women not only physically, but also mentally and spiritually. By depriving us of opportunities and improvement, by not granting us any possibility of social relations. But, nervously, those who smiled as they inflicted pain on defenseless and unarmed people realize the strength of the generations that grew stronger than the one before them.

How a generation of people, kept in darkness, could produce offspring that radiate the brightest light humanity has ever seen is a puzzle.

To the men and women of past generations, who have sacrificed so much thinking of the generations of the present, we owe you such respect that it is immeasurable. To the men and women of today’s generation, pause for a moment to offer your greetings as our elders are disappearing faster than our young due to COVID-19. Obtain all the keys to the knowledge and wisdom that our elders now possess.

The elders give us an overview of the state of emergency in which we have encountered. Such a view will reveal how much force is required from our effort. It will also reveal the measurements of all the results.

For every square inch of this land called North America. In every major and grassroots organization emerging by the second, with so many goals and determination for change; with the change to disrupt financial incentives for law enforcement who attack our communities.

To ensure that public defenders are funded at the same level as prosecutors’ offices, to the Mandatory Drug Sentences Act, as well as the Mandatory Minimum Sentences Act, to granting incarcerated persons from time credit earned for good behavior, to ending solitary confinement, to investing in reintegration programs, to ensuring equal employment, to having the right to live peacefully and productively . No matter your nationality, to dismantle all forms of oppression.

To every organization in every state, try not to worry about unification and instead let your light shine on its own. As it is, with the stars in space, you will begin to form your own constellation. So if your efforts are strong enough in light of your results seen by your neighbor, by letting people in, they will create a Big Dipper.

What is the relevance of the words spoken by Frederick Douglass in his time? It is as if he had a vision of immortality when he spoke: “Power concedes nothing without demand. It never has and never will. Which leads me to ask the bold leaders of today’s new movements: whose bare feet have walked miles of burning rock, whose poverty and hunger have made them feel ice in the stomach. And that’s a simple question that can be very difficult to answer. How far are you willing to go?

Cliff Graham, # 15-B-2973
Syracuse, New York.
Mohawk Correctional Facility in Rome, New York.
I can be contacted at the JPay-Inmate Tablet program by e-mail for any opinion, comment or advice.


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