West Monroe Historical Society Bus Tour Set for July – Oswego County Today


WEST MONROE, NY – The West Monroe Historical Society is sponsoring a historical tour in conjunction with the Brewerton Historical Society along the first waterway from Brewerton to Rome.

Stops are planned at the For in Brewerton, the Royal Blockhouse site in Sylvan Beach, the Fort Rickey site in Rome and Fort Stanwix in Rome. We will have lunch at Denny’s (own expense – from the menu) across from Fort Stanwix. At each stop there will be a description of the fort and its importance.

Transport will be by air-conditioned bus which will pick us up in Brewerton and return us there at the end of the tour. The cost of the bus will be $30 per person provided we have the expected 30 participants. You must make reservation payment payable to WMHS, Po box 53, West Monroe, NY 13167.

For more information, call Lee Mount at 315-806-0629. The deadline for registration is July 1.

Early in our nation’s history, the most convenient way to travel was by water because there were almost no roads. The best waterway from the east coast to the west was the Hudson River, Mohawk River, west over Wood Creek to Oneida Lake, Oneida River and Oswego River to Lake Ontario. (The Appalachian Mountains prevented a waterway south of central New York.)

This road was essential in colonial times and during the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812.

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