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Which lie do you prefer? The one who protects a friend or loved one? Perhaps, the one that hurts the intention. And the lie you’re telling yourself? Behind the lies our reasons are varied and countless, but false when compared to the person God created us to be. Jesus, in his ministry, convinced us of this falsehood. And yet we play the game. I play the game.

Current concerns are deliberating on a just society. A beautiful thought accompanied by the sweet sound of a noble purpose (the lie we tell ourselves). I think it’s kind of like looking at a little bug that I think is benign until I place a magnifying glass on it and find it’s a termite eating my house. A righteous society built and ruled by fallen men and left unchecked by the truth is sure to fall. Jesus said so.

Society seeks conformity by expressing its will. He’s trying to change. Clinging to this balance, conforming to one’s will, is the lie we tell – to others, to oneself. If everything worked out, where would we be? I think this is the wrong pursuit. Today’s culture does not agree.

Conformity is a poor conductor of truth. Who “will be made of?” “

When I recite the baptismal liturgy in church, the phrase “we will thus order our lives after the example of Christ” appears. Today we spend too much time ordering others and too little ordering ourselves. Grace is participatory. My faith requires that I don’t just know Christ, but become like Him. Not easy for a fallen creature hanging on the edge ready to fall. But when the hand of Christ lifts me off the cliff, shouldn’t I meet him with equal effort?

Worse than the lie I tell is the lie I believe. I believe it to avoid the offense. But the truth intends to offend and the truth of God the most. And so offended, so convinced, I strive to be like the apostle John when he says, “He (Christ) must increase, but I must decrease.” A life in Christ has to come to it. “How” is the hardest part of faith.

Who “will be made of?” “

I yield to George MacDonald when he said, “Christ died to save us, not from suffering, but from ourselves; not of injustice, still less of justice, but of being unjust. He died so that we could live – but live as he lives, dying as he died to himself in order to live for God. If we do not die to ourselves, we cannot live for God, and whoever does not live for God is dead.

In the false truth that I have held, why shouldn’t I be offended and more? Doesn’t God need my attention if I want to become what he wants?

What good is the lie I tell myself if I don’t die to myself and live for God?

And so I pray, your will be done.

“Those who have ears to hear, let them hear” (Matthew 11:15, KJV).

Deck Cheatham has been a golf professional for over 40 years. He lives with his family in Dalton. Contact him at pgadeacon@gmail.com.

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