Whole Foods opens its first store with Amazon’s ‘Just Walk Out’ technology that allows shoppers to skip the register altogether


Whole Foods Market announcement the opening of its first-ever store touting Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology in Washington DC on Wednesday.

Whole Foods’ technology allows shoppers to skip the cash register queue altogether, although there is also a self-checkout option for customers.

The 21,500 square foot store is located in the Glover Park neighborhood of DC. Whole Foods Market announced that the store will feature more than 800 local products, obtained through partnerships with 100 local suppliers. The Glover Park store will be staffed with Whole Foods Market employees.

The “Just Walk Out” service requires shoppers to scan with an in-store code at the store’s front door. Customers are expected to pack their own groceries when shopping. In-store sensors track these selections and the total cost of the basket. Then, shoppers walk out of the store and receive an email receipt. Shoppers who wish to opt out of the service can access the store through a door labeled “pay at checkout”, which allows them to pay through an automatic checkout.

Amazon has been trying to merge its own technology with the grocery industry for years. Amazon acquired Whole Foods for $13.7 billion in 2017. In 2020, the company spear physical Fresh stores, which also relied on “Just Walk Out” technology. In 2021, Insider reviewed internal documents revealing that the online giant predicts spending around “Just Walk Out” will drop 75% between 2020 and 2023. Currently, Amazon also manages “just get outat select Hudson stores, Resorts World Las Vegas and the TD Garden in Boston.

Whole Foods also plans to open a second store with “Just Walk Out” technology in Sherman Oaks, California. The California store is also expected to open in 2022.


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